Become A Volunteer

Rye Community House welcomes anyone who is interested in volunteering. We understand that while volunteering is of benefit to the house and all those who use it, there are considerable benefits to those who volunteer.

Volunteers have identified that the benefits they have got from volunteering are:

  • A sense of achievement and purpose
  • Feeling more connected to their local community
  • Improving their skills, their confidence and self esteem
  • A feeling of satisfaction from sharing skills and learning new skills
  • Provide opportunities to meet new people and engage in new activities

At the House opportunities for volunteering include:

  • Developing and providing new activities or programs
  • Working in the front office, welcoming people, collecting fees, recording information and doing small projects
  • Helping with organising events such as our Art Exhibition
  • Maintaining the garden area
  • Helping with social media

You may have other ideas or particular skills you would like to offer, we are always open to hearing them.